Blog Post

September 2021
A friend once told me that writing a blog was easy. All you have to do, he said, is sit down at a computer, put your fingers on the keyboard and write what you think people are interested in reading. He claimed it was easier than writing a book because a blog is a lot shorter. That’s true. However, the problem is remembering to do it. I guess I haven’t paid enough attention to the calendar this year. Summer’s already over, major league baseball playoffs will start soon and thinking of that reminded me it’s been more than a year since I wrote my last blog. Last year I thought I would have lots of time to write stories and blogs. The rampant Covid-19 pandemic that locked down much of the world in 2020 kept me home. On-line grocery buying and video visits with doctors, family and friends meant I didn’t need to risk my health venturing out in public. I had enough time to write several blogs and maybe even a story or two. I just didn’t remember to write the blogs. Like many others, I hoped the Covid-19 virus would diminish and disappear in 2021. I didn’t expect a variant to emerge that would pull the world back into the deadly grip of the virus. I also naively expected most adults to be responsible enough to get vaccinated to better protect themselves, their families and friends. It’s like the other vaccinations we’ve had over the years—smallpox, polio, flu and others. Vaccinations have saved countless lives around the world. I overestimated how much responsibility many adults would accept. I didn’t expect the world to be so filled with people who don’t seem to care about their own health, the health of their family, friends or anyone else. Right now I’m thinking about baseball. It’s the end of the regular season. With the playoffs starting soon, I’m offering the George Grant baseball ebooks at half price in October and November. You can buy all five books in the series for about $10 during the sale. Some digital outlets might opt out of the promotion and some might charge tax. With all five books downloaded to your tablet or phone, you can watch a playoff game on TV, read a little between innings and then you can read the books again whenever you want. I did manage to finish writing a novel this summer, one that’s been in the works for nearly two years. It’s long, more than 560 pages. It’s a story about eight children the courts took away from their parents in 1952. With determination and persistence the children managed to find their siblings and restore their birth family. It took them 30 years to do it. Those Peterson Kids will be available soon as an ebook at many digital book outlets. It will be available as an ebook and paperback at Amazon.