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The Thing on the Bottom of the Lake

“WE HAVE TO LEAVE HERE,” Loma, the stone-age tribe's headman, told the villagers. The guides had told him a great drought with dirt and sand-filled winds would soon sweep over their village in the woods by the lake. The lake would quickly become a dry sand-filled basin and great dunes would cover the woods. The entire region would be barren. No food. No water.

The guides who talked with the headman were mysterious beings with many strange powers. The tribe's oral tradition was that long, long ago the guides took them from a very bright star to a far distant land...

"The Thing on the Bottom of the Lake" book cover

by Jay Henry Peterson

"The Bones of Professor Wilson" book cover.

by Jay Henry Peterson


The Bones of Professor Wilson

Ron Wilson is a university history professor. He discovers his back yard deck is a portal from which he can see snippets of space and time from ages long ago. The images appear to float through the meadow behind his house in fog banks that suddenly form and quickly disappear. After seeing a herd of bison in one fog, he goes out into the meadow to investigate. Much to his surprise, he discovers they left hoof prints, even though they were from a long ago time...



Those Peterson Kids

It wasn't an accident. It wasn't a disease. It wasn't a natural disaster that took eight young children from their parents in the spring of 1952. It was an act of the county government that tore the family apart.

In early April 1952, a North Dakota district court judge signed an order removing eight children from the custody of their parents. The children became wards of the State. Seven were immediately taken to the North Dakota Children's Home Society in Fargo, a state agency orphanage that was often simply called the "Home". The eighth child, a 14-year-old girl, was taken directly to a foster home....


by Jay Henry Peterson


George Grant Baseball Series


Jay Henry Peterson

Jay Henry Peterson grew up as a farm kid on the northern Great Plains. He milked cows, handled beef cattle, hogs and chickens and spent many hours on tractors and other equipment planting and harvesting small grains, corn and soybeans...

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